Different Purpose/ Different Writing

This blog sets out to compare and review three different media sources, whilst covering the Gold Coast Titans in the midst of a cocaine scandal that had jeopardised the future of the team.  These media sources will be reviewed through three questions; 1)Who is the audience? 2)What is the angle in the news story? 3)What is the key message in the story?

a. The League Statement – featured on the (NRL website)


As this statement has been posted directly to the NRL website – the audience can be surmised as fans of NRL, and more accurately the fans of the NRL team the ‘Gold Coast Titans’.  The excerpt is very easy to read, and the spacing between the lines allows the reader to rest after each point.  The language used confirms this article is for the fans, as it keeps referring back to the fans and what is happening in the best interest of them – keeping the Titans on the Gold Coast and also confirming the longevity as a team.  Obviously something very important to them.

The angle of the story is to paint a picture of the NRL as a pillar of strength, while referring back to the fans; that the Titans are ‘their team’ and that NRL will ensure the longevity of the team, and also their location at the Gold Coast.  The focus has concentrated on the proactive positive motions for the team, and only brushing on the negative points very briefly.  Using this technique fans can relax knowing their team is in ‘good hands’.

The key messages in the story are to inform the Gold Coast Titan fans that the NRL has saved the day and by taking control of the situation itself, promises the future of the Titans for the Gold Coast region as an NRL team.  Also it confirms that the NRL has the best interests of the Titans fans at heart, and also what they care about; which ultimately is keeping their team in their backyard.

b. News Story – Gold Coast Bulletin


This news story has been posted to the Gold Coast Bulletin’s website.  Again refering to the fans, but also reaches to those interested in what is happening in the the Gold Coast community, and potentially family and friends of a ‘Titans’ fan.  The Gold Coast bulletin, owned by News Corp Australia is also vested in the economy of the Gold Coast for its news.  Painting the Titans in the best possible light is of great importance, as it is the Gold Coast NRL team.

The angle is to write in a factual prose, and answering the top five; who, what, where, when and why? and by starting with the most important followed by additional information later – so the reader can get all of the information in the first part of the story and can decide to read on, if they are interested in the financials of the team.  Also by showing photos of those five players charged for cocaine half way through the article, entices the reader to read on with the admission that the team has fault.  By showing contrition of their convictions by the last third of the article, to which the reader is now fully engaged, confirms the NRL is ‘the good guy’ and is here to save the day, and the team.

The text is bold and simple, with spacing between sentences, enticing the reader to want to continue, giving the reader a thorough understanding where the team is financially.   For those that are not necessarily NRL fans but are interested on behalf of a fan, can appreciate from a financial perspective the gravity of where the team is currently.

c. Press Conference via ABC –


Using ABC as the medium of choice illustrates the audience will be those members of the community that like their news source from and independent forum with a reputation of trust in delivering the local, national and world news, and without bias. This suggests that these types of fans (potentially Titans fans) want to know the unbiased truth of the cocaine scandal, and future of the Titan as an NRL team.

The advantage of course by using a press conference, led by company’s chief executive, is to present the story in its most favourable light by inviting the press, such as the ABC, to gain favourable media at a much lower cost than a widespread campaign.

The message is to briefly brush across the cocaine charges of the five players, by educating the audience that these players are been dealt with fairly.  Also to give the facts of what has happened, what the club plans to about it, and to reiterate  its commitment to the region, with the emphasis on the plans in place for the longevity of the club.

The same topic, three different ways.  Thankyou for reading.


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