Week 3 Comm 11007 -Practical: What’s Making News on Storify? Technical: Quiz 3

Practical: Using Storify.

Today was my first experience using Storify.  With a quick click of the “browse” button, I was immediately presented with the trending stories other Storify users had added, based on what was of popular interest in social media and news.  One such story that captured my animal loving heart was of the unnecessary killing of Cecil the Lion.

Once I got over the initial shock of such an atrocity, I was then overwhelmed with how useful this application could be, not only in the way we received our news and have our say, but how quickly global we can make such topics and what an actual difference this could make to finding solutions on a grand scale.  This was further cemented by the fact that celebrities access and comment just like the ‘common man’, giving the element of celebrity endorsement that could potentially help fix what could have been a dire and hidden issue.

In conclusion, Storify = answer.

https://storify.com/morganamedia – follow me on Storify!

Technical: Quiz 3

This week’s quiz was very challenging.  I realised that a lot of my writing previously had heavily used dangling modifiers, and what now seems quite clumsy in my sentence construction.  I think particular for any media writing exercises, I will be very wary of these aspects.

Another interesting learning curve for me was when to use the correct verb.  For the last point, when to use “I” and “me” in a sentence unfortunately will always be a challenge.  I grew up with a father that was always correcting me to use “I”, and this just happens to have stuck for all occasions.  However by splitting the sentence is a handy tip in this regard:)


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