Thoughts on RPatz and Drought Articles

1)Robert Pattinson talks about his new film, The Rover, with Dave O’Neil.


This article should have been called, ‘How Dave O’Neil felt when Robert Pattinson sat near him in a bar’.  All Dave could talk about was the presence of Rob’s body guard, which naturally should be bordering on intimidating, as his job title attests.  Also how awkward he felt to be there in the first place, with reference to the other stars presence, and his inferiority.  For an article that was meant to be about Rob’s up coming film ‘The Rover’, doesn’t get a slight mention until well into the fifth paragraph and minimalist at best, but rather concentrated on Rob’s prior movie -Twilight.  Dave finishes off by insulting Rob’s acting chops – with Twilight again, and embarrassingly admits that Rob motions for the interview to end – with no responsibility or manners towards how an interview should be conducted.

2)Drought worst in living memory’.,478


The best part about this article is that it is clear, and well researched with direct quotations from the president of the issue.  The writer has also included the most important information in bullet point form as to make it easy to read for those with no agriculture background – but with a concern for their country’s welfare.   The article finishes with contact information for anyone with questions.




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on RPatz and Drought Articles

  1. Hi Morgana, I too agree that the writer of the “Robert Pattinson” article did a pretty terrible job. I basically think the whole article was focused on Rob’s bodyguard rather than Rob himself – not good! I also think the writing failed to follow the ‘inverted pyramid’ style. What do you think?


    1. I was surprised that this was a published article in the first place. If I had known the article was going to focus on the inner monologue of the interviewer, that would have made more sense. In regards to the ‘inverted pyramid’ I agree, but I can’t help but think with interviews like this (that aren’t hard news) I think you can be a little relaxed. For instance if the interviewer was to coax some funny anecdote out of the interviewed person to relax them before they get started, that would make sense and humanise the situation. However structure is needed, rather than this roller coaster of musings. Just my thoughts 🙂


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