Week 4 Comm 11007 – Practical: Plan for Assessment 2

1a – Events to consider for Assessment 2

  1. Sugar City Con – Mackay – August 29th & 30th 2015
  2. Whitsunday Airport Airshow – Airlie Beach- September 26th & 27th 2015

1b – How events would be covered.

  1. Sugar City Con – 2015 will be the second year that this event will be held in Mackay.  Spread over a weekend, attendees can be part of a Zombie Escape Run, enter All star comics Art Comp, Cosplay – where you can dress in your favourite pop culture costume, or to enjoy the Guest speakers on art and comic story boarding.  As this is an interactive event – it would only make sense to get involved in one or many of the elements.  The website has given contact information of the head contacts – so this would be easy enough to arrange maybe a photo and short interview to add to twitter also.
  2. Whitsunday Airport Airshow – 2015 is an annual event for Airlie Beach with a very detailed and tight line up of the most impressive planes with flying displays, sky dive demonstrations, joy flights and much more.  To cover this event you would need to make sure you were following the schedule, and interviewing an audience member, and maybe a vendor would give a realistic account of the event.

1c- Depending on what person was being interviewed – then an accreditation would be definitely needed to be organised before hand.  For both events – accreditations may not be necessary – but as a courtesy it would be polite to ask first.  This will be achieved by a simple email and response from the event coordinator.

1d- main parts of the event

For the Sugar City Con – the main event is the ‘Great Zombie Escape’, followed by the art competition, and Cosplay costume competition.

For the Airshow – the main event kicks off at 1.00pm and goes to 3.30pm headed by Paul Bennett and his Grumman Avenger, followed by the rest of the flying spectacle.

1e- Photo & Quote

For the Sugar City Con – getting a photo and quote from Paul Eiding (the star guest) would be fantastic, but would also be happy with those of the attendees, as they are influential on the events success.

For the Airshow – getting a photo and quote from Paul Bennett would be ideal. however again, might be more practical to get from attendees.

1f- 3 main points provided by Kate for Planning are as follows; 1-Time flies – planning is essential, 2- Find your schedule – as to not miss out on main events, 3- Have a plan for what the main events are – crucial.

1g- Planning

With these kinds of events, the first step will be to send off emails to the event coordinators to see what accessibility I will be able to gain to the event.  This might be helpful also -as there might be options that I haven’t thought of that they might provide.  Ticket purchase is also crucial at this point as to not miss out.  Following on Twitter before the event will give an account of the pre-empt excitement of attendees, and then cross reference these with the outcome opinion of those that might be interviewed – to see how successful the event could be.


2 thoughts on “Week 4 Comm 11007 – Practical: Plan for Assessment 2

  1. Hi Morgana! I’m from Mackay too! Interesting choice of events. I chose the Twilight City Street Party and the local rugby league football grand final as my two events. I ended up choosing the Twilight City Street Party and had a lot of fun there. Good layout of your blog posts 🙂


    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thankyou for looking at my blog! I went to the Twilight City Street Party, what a great idea Mackay! Our little town is growing up 🙂 I hope we have more events like this! I look forward to checking out more of your blog too 🙂


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