What a wordsmith that Mr. Kremmer

The article published 5th August 2015, in The Age by Christopher Kremmer entitled “Adam Goodes: we should all raise a spear for Australia”, is an example of fine media writing.

In this piece Sydney Swans player, Adam Goodes, is highlighted to serve as an example of how Australia treats its indigenous players in the recent booing saga.  The article speaks of how Australia could learn how to embrace its indigenous heritage through sportsmanship as its neighbour, New Zealand does.

This piece of media writing has impacted on me with how simplistic for clarity and well its purpose to inform is illustrated.  From the first paragraph to the last, Kremmer has written this article with structured flow.  By informing not bombarding, and by his own personal point of view, allows the audience to make up their own minds.

The genius of this article is that it has taken a subject that dissertation papers could be built on in 30,000 words, and has brought it down to its bare necessities, without leaving the audience wanting, rather inspires them to make the right choice and that is to embrace each other, and have respect for our individual differences, that make this country Australia, multicultural and great.

The Age, viewed 16th August 2015, http://www.theage.com.au/comment/adam-goodes-fierce-gesture-of-selfassertion-should-be-celebrated-20150805-girxfh.html




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