Review a Newsletter

I decided to review a newsletter this week.

The newsletter I chose came from IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG)

VOLUME 31 No. 2 • APRIL 2012 – JUNE 2012


The newsletter provides information on regional conservation, status,  news and current events concerning crocodilians, and on the activities of the CSG in different parts of the world where crocodilian conservation exist.

Some of the regional stories in South and East Africa region in this issue for example include; the decline in Loskop dam population still being monitored (South Africa), and increase in Human-Crocodile conflict with the increased annual floods (Botswana).

The target audience for this newsletter are both members of the CSG and crocodilian enthusiasts.  The newsletter covers wide spread regions in each issue, following topics of interest as they progress.  The stories are well informed and speak both to the geographical and veterinarian issues surrounding crocodiles.

As a science journalist I would like to follow up on the Human-Crocodile conflict with the increased annual floods in Botswana.  I think that this is a very important issue as it effects the people of Botswana in their day to day life, especially if their are causalities found.  For a science Journalist reporting on a possible solution would be rewarding as well.

With the amount of information that is included in this newsletter, the basic layout and point form makes it easy to find what you need to without having to read the whole article.  Also the information itself is clearly represented for both the expert and lay person.


One thought on “Review a Newsletter

  1. Good review! You answered all the questions clearly and provided a good insight to what the newsletter is about.
    I couldn’t see any errors but really enjoyed reading your views. Good work!


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