Week 7 – Comm 11007 Practical – Marking Key Checklist

Practical 1b. When cross referencing Assessment one with the Marking Key Checklist, I was quite surprised at what I had known already (although hopefully I haven’t missed anything).  It did occur to me that my prior assignment writing had used a separate list of rules, and I must admit my style of writing is narrative in comparison in what I have learned in Media Writing – especially for the news story.  For instance I would have been tempted to use language other than said or says when attributing a source.

From the checklist I would have to say that quotations, are probably what I spent the most time on – and hopefully I have done correctly in the Assessment.

I feel having a checklist is a good idea.  It helped me keep within the guidelines of media writing while I articulated the Assessment – and hopefully gaining a higher mark because of it.


2 thoughts on “Week 7 – Comm 11007 Practical – Marking Key Checklist

  1. Hi Morgan
    Nice post, you write well 🙂
    I can only see one error and that is when you’ve written ‘assignment 1’, it should be written out as ‘assignment one’, seeing as it’s under 10. Loving your work


    1. Hi Tarah
      I was at a cross roads with this one, so thankyou. I wasn’t sure whether because it is a ‘somewhat title’ that I should keep it in its original form (assignment 1), or whether because I am talking about it, it is then written in its longer form (assessment one).
      Grammar, you tricky beast!
      Thanks Tarah!


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