Week 7 – Comm 11007 – Technical: Spelling & Style

Quiz 7

Week seven’s chapters were five (spelling), and eight (style).

For the first quiz for week seven, I was confused with principle and principal.  Mainly because Principal I had always just used as the job description, and principle meaning ‘rule’.

Something I will definitely have to check on in future.

For the second quiz for week seven, my issue was with structuring a sentence so repeating and varying words wasn’t an issue.  I have always been conscious of having body of works that I write being interesting, and using varying words to keep the reader engaged.  I never thought that varying words would be confusing or need to rethink the structure – so this was a great learning tool for me this week.


3 thoughts on “Week 7 – Comm 11007 – Technical: Spelling & Style

  1. Hi Morgana, enjoying reading your blog!

    I too made the same mistake with the words ‘principle’ and ‘principal’ on the quiz, I didn’t realise the spelling could change based on the meaning of the sentence. I was also surprised to find that varying words in sentences came up as an issue. I know I am always tempted to do it personally as well to make my writing sound more interesting, as you said, but maybe they’re talking more about just varying words for the sake of it? As in, substituting different words when it doesn’t really enhance or do anything to add meaning to the sentence. Something for me to think about and be conscious of in future for sure. I had also never really considered that it was an indicator of poor structure either, so it ocurred to me that perhaps I could use it as a tool in future to identify when I need to go back and fix the structures of my sentences.

    I just noticed that in your post here you do have the word ‘been’ where I think it should be ‘being’, in the sentence regarding being conscious of how interesting your writing is. Other than that, I can’t see any errors. Cool to know that someone is thinking along the same lines as me with the answeres to the quizzes, I’m learning so many things I didn’t have a clue about before. Look forward to reading more of your posts! Kelly


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog post and comment – I really appreciate it. You make a good point about varying words for the sake of it, making it sound disjointed in a way. This is something I will probably be guilty of for a long time to come:) I just find it so boring when the word “according” as in “according to”, I like to mix it up with “explains” or “illustrates”. Maybe that is the more narrative style I have been used to writing in, but for me it is something that I will be conscious of going forward.
      Thankyou for the correction, you are right. It seems the more I get into the technical grammar side of things, the worse my basic spelling gets.
      I haven’t had any luck locating your blog articles. I went followed your mediamusingsfornow link, and it came back as broken. I will try again off the Q & A portion of Moodle so I can read some of your work too.


  2. Hi Morgana, thanks for letting me know, I did change the name of my blog at one point, maybe that’s why… However, it is showing up on my end as the new name kellysmediamusings and seems to go through to my blog when I click on the link… Thanks for picking up on that for me though!


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