Pinning your Interests

In choosing a social media network that is most suitable and aligned with my interests is Pinterest.  Although I love the written word and hopefully one day will be quite the wordsmith, I am a visual creature at heart, which is reflected in my love of drawing, cooking and working out.

On a personal level, I can use this network to create a virtual scrap book of all the topics that I love.  When someone has so many interests in creative virtues, Pinterest allows you to create virtual boards which you can “pin” images and quotes, without the hassle of putting paint to canvas.  The other bonus is sharing and finding inspirational material based on the topic you like.

On a professional level, I could see how Pinterest could be used for business with its marketable qualities.  Before starting your efforts, and in line with analytics already gained – you can see what is popular from “pinners”, with the added benefit of speaking directly with them.

After curating a few boards on topics (which are quite specific), the advantage is that instead of just selling your product, you could use imagery to show your target what inspires your ideas.  In a sense you are welcoming your customers into your world, and humanising the experience – essentially creating value.



2 thoughts on “Pinning your Interests

  1. Hi Morgan,
    I chose Pinterest as the social media network that aligns with my interests too. I think Pinterest is suitable for everyone seeing as though we all have interests and things that inspire us. I like your spin on the professionalism of Pinterest. I wasn’t aware of the extent Pinterest has on marketing but I can now see it is one of the most viable strategies for business promotion. I’ll be reading your review next 🙂


    1. Hi Kathryn,
      Pinterest is great! This technology has made the way we do business so much easier, it really is exciting. I like your blog article about Pinterest too. It made me wonder though, when you wrote…”it’s an ideal platform”, is the “it’s” without the apostrophe, so it is “its”?
      Also with “brand’s own website”, does this become “brand’s website”? The way you wrote it, is the way I would have written it, but it did make me wonder if the “own” was redundant?
      This has been a very interesting journey with grammar, and I have enjoyed your articles 🙂

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