Importance of Formatting

This week, I am acting as a visual consumer and have chosen a magazine that I like and appeals to me. This is the ‘Fashion’ magazine featured above.

The balance is illustrated in the symmetry of the models face, and where the scarf drops to the left page.  This is balanced out by the words put on the right hand side of the page (the model’s shoulder).  With the use of colour and design, the eye flows left to right and left again (following the flow of the scarf) taking in all of the information needed.

The magazine cover uses a white spaced background to allow the title to stand out.  Also having the white background provides the eye distinction, and avoids overcrowding; achieving readability.  This is important for this type of genre as there are many topics  to include on the front cover, and if the contrast wasn’t so distinct, the reader may not know what is in this issue (and may not buy the magazine).

The use of colour on the model ties into the colour of the words, using the pink and yellow supports in the context of interpretation that this is a ‘Spring’ issue.

The use of concrete and qualifier words ties in without making it too ‘wordy’.  For example “Skin that glows”, “Get lean – best Yoga and Pilates…” and ‘Spring Fever – Gorgeous Dresses…”.  Additionally  I like how the editor has started the visual journey with the “skin that glows” first (what person doesn’t want glowing skin), and then as you scan to the right they have made the text less bold, smaller, and no caps for “get lean”.

I feel this was done deliberately, because the topic might need to show a little sensitivity to the reader that would prefer gentle coaxing, rather than having it large, bold and in caps.  Which would change the context, and be more of a barking order “GET LEAN!”.

I really like the visuals of this layout and think the editors have done a great job.  I would buy that magazine 🙂


4 thoughts on “Importance of Formatting

  1. Hi Morgana,
    Great work on this review. You have really noticed how the colour and design work and have explained it perfectly. I noticed a lot more about the cover after reading this, so job well done!


  2. Hi Morgan
    Great review, you’ve really gone into detail with the design aesthetic. I would suggest formatting the paragraphs so there is more white space around content which will make it easier for readers. Aside from that great work 🙂 Tarah


    1. Hi Tarah
      Thanks for reviewing (and comments:)). I had actually put a view spaces between (as I was writing the document straight into word press), and when I published it, it took the spacing out. I had to do it from a word document (only for this blog post for some reason) and then paste in. and then the spaces would show. Thanks for all your comments – I really appreciated your feed back.


      1. I just realised I’ve been spelling your name incorrectly all this time. I’m so sorry Morgana! I spell my name differently so know how inconsiderate it feels when people can’t even get your name right. Sorry 😦


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