Thoughts on Curation Styles

Comparing:Data Driven Curation – Trip advisors top 25 Hotels in the world & Curation written by Editiors – Gold standard Hotels 2015

The data driven curation uses short, in first person excerpts to accompany the pictures of the hotel.  This style mimics what one might put on a comment card whilst visiting the particular hotel, especially with the use of the quotation marks.  Tripadvisor is a great website for travellers wanting to visit a place and get a “real” perspective/from the customers point of view, as it allows customers to leave comments and rate their experience.  The excerpts used would have been taken from actual customer experiences, so the audience knows that it can trust the source (even though the bad comments can be left off).

The curation written by editors is more of a traveller magazine article style.  This highlights the different places in a positive light, focusing on each ones amenities.  The aim would be to entice/ promote each location using descriptive language to sell an experience.

Both curations are similar in the sense that they want to attract customers, one by using past customers good comments, and the other by illustrating the destination by its amenities.




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