Week 9 – Comm 11007 Practical – Review a Storify

This week’s practical task was to write a review of a fellow student’s Storify submission.

I chose Zoe Mears “Bundaberg Flavours Festival”

Who do you think is the audience?

From the Storify submission I would have said the audience is both Bundaberg locals, and for tourists looking for a free event whilst in the area.  Also I could imagine those in the food industry interested in different flavours and want to shop local would take a peek.

What did you learn about the event?

First of all, I am a bit of a foodie and was surprised that I had never heard of it before (being a local to the surrounding area).  I was surprised of how many people actually attend (which makes me feel that it might be a bit of a hidden gem).

What else (if anything) could be included that would make the story more interesting or have more impact?

Maybe an embedded video would be good.

If the structure is confusing, how could it be improved? What do you like about the story?

I didn’t find the structure confusing.  I like the simplistic style with the pictures peppered through it.  This almost makes it look like you are going stall to stall with the editor of the piece.  Great job Zoe!!


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