Week 10 – Comm 11007 – Practical: Reviewing the Blog Technical: Reviewing the Blog


This week’s practical is all about reviewing my blog.  This is my first experience with blogging and I have really enjoyed the process!

a. I have tried to make my blog layout clean and easy to read.  I have achieved this by using Helvetica font, which was the default typeface on word press.  In my opinion, I found this typeface good for both short excerpts and longer musings (and probably why it is the default font).

In the layout, I have labelled each week according to course code and activity, so fellow students and course coordinators can find the material easily enough.

I feel I have made good use of white space.  I have kept titles and texts dark against white background (as suggested in the reading).  I have also being very fortunate to have fellow students comment on my work constructively so I have been able to tweak here and there for grammatical errors (hopefully I got them all :))

b. I have checked against the blog requirements task sheet, and after I complete this week’s task set, I will be finished.

c. I really enjoyed this blog experience.  I had never written a blog, and loved using this medium.  Something I feel I will continue with.  I must admit, going from APA style in Psychology, to Harvard style, and then to this kind of style, where you can speak in first person is very liberating.  I can see why many people keep blogs; for the freedom and usability but most of all, the sense of community.  I am a humanitarian at heart, and I could see how passionate people could get using this medium to make a real difference.  Also the fact that it links to other mediums, such as Storify, I can see that it could take exposure of issues that need an ear to the next level.

I would recommend this subject to anyone who is passionate about the English language, and its many uses 🙂


a. Review the blog against checklist (marked list of in submission as I went).

b. I didn’t find this too hard.  There was a few misspells, a few grammatical errors (and thanks to generous peer reviews), so hopefully I have got them all.  I think the biggest issue I had was making sure that everything was clear, and easy to find.  This was my first blog (so please be gentle 🙂 ) and grammatically this was a fantastic exercise.


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