The Best Job in the World is an Interactive One

‘The Best Job in the World (BJW)’ campaign released in 2009 for Tourism Queensland, is an example of how an original idea in the modern world has set new benchmarks in advertising effectiveness. By using a combination of traditional media and various kinds of social media interactivity (resultant from online social networking and added newsworthiness it attracted), can be attested to the impassioned response it received (Merigo, 2009).

This campaign is an example of how interactivity can be harnessed to produce effective social mediation practices, afforded by the application of technology. One analysis of social interaction offered by Stromer-Galley makes the clear distinction between interactivity as a process, and interactivity as a product, and the importance in not confusing the two.  Interactivity as a process is where “the focus is on human interaction” (Holmes, 2014, p. 5).  As can be seen in the BJW campaign, “classified ads, job listings and small banner ads were strategically placed in target markets directing people to a central URL –” (Tourism Queensland- The Best Job in the World, 2009).  People would then respond.  As poignant in this step according to Stromer-Galley, there is “reciprocity between sender and receiver” (Holmes, 2014, p. 5).

By highlighting interactivity as a product, this encircles the interactions made with technology, “and the range of interactive experiences afforded by mediation” (Holmes, 2014, p. 5).  For the campaign this can be seen in the content creation by applicants in form of video response, coupled with their ability to upload to social media platforms.

By making the distinction of interactivity as suggested by Stromer-Galley, one can appreciate the involvement aspect of the human experience, and technology’ role as catalyst to afford the opportunity of awareness.  The aspect of interactivity as we continue along with Social Media inclinations, is not only exciting but an important one.




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