All the Way to Canada with Google Maps API

With the proliferation of websites and applications combining their functionality and data into what is known as mashups, we are seeing a trend of increased popularity that has changed the way information is being distributed and envisioned. One of particular interest is that of mapping solutions, and how important it has become in many of these mashups. For instance, Svennerberg explains that “Google Maps API lets you harness the power of Google Maps to use in your own applications to display your own (or other’) data in an efficient and usable manner” (2010, p. 1).
To see this in practice, consider this blog being written and published in Word Press and if I wanted to show a map of a road trip I took in Canada (as shown below), through the Google Maps API, I can embed the html link into the site to create a visual of my journey.

This particular site on the displayed map has significance to me, as it was a road trip that I had planned for years.  To be able to share my experience through way of virtual map has a whole new meaning to ‘you should have been there’.  Although we haven’t worked out how to teleport, one can see the value on the API and in the useability of mashups, as we can take our audience with us online, in our offline pursuits.


Svennerberg, G 2010, Beginning google maps api3, Springer Science + Business Media, New York.


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